Zeke - Twin Pines Cattle Co. LLC
Zeke - Twin Pines Cattle Co. LLC


Zeke ABC 185305

DOB October 1, 2000-January19,2013

Zeke died this past January after a short decline due to liver cancer. 

Zeke is proving to be the dog against which all others are measured for me.    He has so much courage, intelligence, strength, instinct, and heart.   Zeke bites heads and heels, and is a natural outrunner.   He works with medium eye in an fairly upright fashion, although as he ages he has developed more eye and crouch, especially on sheep.   He is now eight years old, and never thinks twice about going into a tough corner with cattle.   He is also the friendliest dog with people.  He has never met a stranger, and loves to ham it up with the crowd at trials.

Last summer Zeke broke right front leg just above the ankle.   A 1400 lb angus cow rolled him and stepped on his leg.  Both the radius and the ulna were completely fractured.  Fortunately they were clean breaks.   He now has a plate in his leg screwed to the front surface of the radius.    It bothers him a bit in the cold, and it has slowed him down a little, but he is still ready to go at the drop of my hat.  

I have retired Zeke from cow work at home, and plan on limiting his cattle trial outings.  He loves to work sheep, so we are going to go to some open field sheepdog trials in 2009.

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