Our Dogs - Twin Pines Cattle Co. LLC
Our Dogs - Twin Pines Cattle Co. LLC

Our Dogs

"Only the Maker of galaxies would have thought to give mankind such a marvelous

gift as a dog"    John R. Erickson Storycraft  (author of Hank the Cowdog)

 Good practical stockdogs are an integral part of the livestock operations here at Twin Pines.  TPF border collie stockdogs are incredible working partners allowing us to do things alone most people require herds of four-wheelers or horsemen to accomplish.  TPF border collies are descended from the some of the best of American, British, and Australian bloodlines that have been selected for their ability to handle cattle for several generations.

We expect our dogs to work proficiently  in a variety of situations on the farm including open pastures, feedlots, alleyways, and chutes.   While the ability to efficiently and quietly handle cattle is paramount our dogs are also expected to have enough finesse to handle sheep effectively.  The ideal working dog at Twin Pines Farms is a smooth coated, long legged, deep chested dog with ample power, balance, concentration, and intelligence to handle all situations with as little grip as needed, but as much as needed should the need arise.

 The smooth coat is preferred because of the heavy weeds and brush our dogs have to work in during certain times of the year.   With knee deep grass in June in Iowa a shorter legged dog is at a disadvantage.  We have absolutely no color preference whatsoever,  since our selection is single-mindedly focused on working ability.   We like our dogs to be able to bite heads and heels as effective tools to work cattle.   We are serious about and enjoy our work, and appreciate the seriousness and enjoyment with which our canine partners handle their tasks.

 Every dog has different strengths and weaknesses, and we do our utmost to achieve the right fit for every prospective owner.   We will always be very honest about every dog's strong and weak points, and stand behind every sale we make with a guarantee of satisfaction.   If we don't think a specific dog is a good fit for the work you need done, we will tell you so.    We expect honesty from ourselves and others and believe satisfied customers will always be the most profitable for us in the long run.

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