Luke - Twin Pines Cattle Co. LLC
Luke - Twin Pines Cattle Co. LLC


Luke died in an accident working in the Rocky Mountains, doing what he loved. His get continue on through his granddaughter Stash.

Luke is a six year old son of Zeke and Prim and Proper.    He possesses Zeke's courage with a bit more eye and pace.    He allows his stock to move off, but if challenged will not hesitate to hit a nose multiple times.    Luke squares up on a nose as well as any dog I have ever seen.    He heels as well in some situations, but likes to heel in conjunction with hitting a nose to gain control of a cow.   Luke is a big sixty pound male with good stout bone.

Luke has been my most successful Open trials winner.     He has won numerous cattle trials in the midwest, including the qualifying round at the National Western Stock Show in Denver this year.    It is a rarity that he does not earn a check from any trial  he is entered in.  His combination of toughness and being able to lay off and let the stock move make him a tough dog to beat.   Luke is a very biddable dog who always aims to please, but has never been soft to train.    Luke's top trial accomplishment is a ninth place finish at the 2008 USBCHA National Cattledog Finals in Torrington Wyoming.   


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