Young Dogs - Twin Pines Cattle Co. LLC
Young Dogs - Twin Pines Cattle Co. LLC

Young Dogs

I always have some young dogs coming up between the ages of 3 months to 3 years.    We are continually evaluating and sizing these dogs up.     These dogs are progeny of Twin Pines Top Hands as well as pups we occasionally purchase from a breeding that interests us.   The pages here will be frequently updated as the lineup of dogs here changes and our evaluation of each youngster evolves.   I like to give young dogs plenty of time to mature.    While I really like to see a lot of ambition in young pups, I do not get in a rush to pass judgement on what they will develop into as far as working ability and style.  I have seen dogs that would heel only at six months start to head at 14 months, and quit heeling until they are two years old.   I have seen dogs that are strong on the head  wait until they are almost two to heel cattle.  

Confidence, personality, and intensity at a young age are things that I think really need to be present in pups at a young age.  




While they may go through stages and seem unsure of how to deal with things at times, if they showed good confidence at a young age they almost always come out of it as they mature.  Giving each dog the opportunity to develop to their fullest and still having the patience to wait on a dog is sometimes a test.     Young dogs that have a great deal of confidence early rarely disappoint me.    Pups that  showed signs of insecurity around stock usually have this show up in stressful situations at a later time.  In my experience young bitches go through a phase in their second year when I have a hard time dealing with them, and them with me.   If they had good confidence and work ethic prior as a young pup they usually return to the dog I formerly knew. 


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