Bree - Twin Pines Cattle Co. LLC
Bree - Twin Pines Cattle Co. LLC


Bree ABC 254893 

DOB 11/25/2003

Bree retired to a working/companion home several years ago. 

She was a dog who taught me a lot, and was unique in her sensitivity and strength.

Bree is now five and has matured into a really dependable partner.   There were times I wondered about her, times I was amazed at her ability, and times I was just flat frustrated with her unwillingness to partner up.   She has made me a much better handler and trainer.     She could be so strong and yet at times so patient on stock.    She also could try to ignore me and then shut down when I lose my patience with her.   

All that seems to be behind us now.   She has developed into a responsive dog that loves her job.   She heads, heels, and hits a front foot.  Still a small dog, she can wade into a pen full of 1200 lb cows dragging her belly in the mud and go up and head and heel cattle that want to challenge her.   She is very much a "line" dog who is capable of balancing large groups of stock on the end of her nose.    Equipped with a pleasant balance of pace and bite and push, Bree moves tough stock easier than any dog I have ever owned.   Her stock very much trusts her.  She moves cow calf pairs with ease.   She never does anything rash of gets in a hurry.   She is strongest on the heel, with a perfect low heel bite.  She has a strong eye and is very stylish, but her eyes never stop moving when she is working.    She never seems tired or hot no matter the weather.     She doesn't care for the extreme bitter cold, she has a small fine boned body with a very short coat. 

Her production as a breeding female has not disappointed us either.    She has had a litter by Luke and one  by Zeke.  The litter by Luke was more variable in type and ability.     The litter by Zeke was pretty even, and by all reports are doing well in their new homes and working well.    Look up Anna and Cracker in the young dogs section to see how two of them are doing.

I have run Bree in Open in a few trials in 2008 and 2009.  She did well enough to earn a couple of USBCHA finals points.  She will be a regular competitor for me in cattle trials for 2010   While she has never particularly liked performing in public, I think she is ready to handle the pressure of strange places and competition.   

I have decided to repeat the Zeke x Bree cross this spring of 2010. Several are spoken for already,   email me for more information.  

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