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Winter is here, and we have a new litter and some young dogs are getting started.   I will be adding their pages soon, watch for new pages on them in the coming months.   The first pups sired by Oscar are working and I am really pleased with the toughness and ability that they are showing.   I plan on having one or two started dogs for sale before planting and calving start this spring, watch the for sale page for them. 


We are a family owned diversified grain and livestock operation located in the rolling hills of Southwestern Iowa. Twin Pines owns and rents land in Cass, Montgomery, and Pottawatomie counties. Our long term relationship with our land and livestock enables us to have a vision of long term sustainability combined with an understanding of what is required to achieve near term profitability to keep Twin Pines Farms a thriving family farming operation. 


New litter born May 2! Click the picture to read more!





Working Border Collies
Cattle & Beef
National Cattledog Association

Good practical stockdogs are an integral part of the livestock operations here at Twin Pines.  TPF border collie stockdogs are incredible working partners allowing us to do things alone most people require herds of four-wheelers or horsemen to accomplish.

Twin Pines runs a cow herd of 130 head of Angus and Limousin Cross cows. Efficiency and the production of the highest quality beef are the focus of our cattle operation. We are developing a base of moderate efficient Angus cows that will be crossed with terminal sires to maximize our efficiency of production.


The mission of the National Cattledog Association is to encourage efficient, low stress and humane cattlehandling by promoting the use and demonstrating the value of well trained cattledogs.  Jeff is a founding director and we attended and  competed in the  2013 National Finals in Steamboat Springs, CO.

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