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For Sale - Twin Pines Cattle Co. LLC

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I have decided to try something a little different.


I have decided to pretty much stop selling puppies at eight weeks old.


I say “pretty much” because there is a possibility I may make an exception at some time in the future.


Everybody knows that puppies are a crapshoot. Every animal of all species receives a random half of its genetic makeup from each parent and that animal is a result of the combination of those random halves. I have studied animal breeding and genetics most of my life, and I am resolute in my belief that breeding for specific behavioral traits is far more challenging than breeding for physical characteristics. Almost all of my border collie pups will work. The range of working ability, temperament, and style is highly variable in every single litter, however.


Matching the right working situation and owner to those individuals who vary so widely at eight weeks old is completely impossible. I have sent pups to working homes where they will see very large herds of cattle with hours of hard work every day. I have also sent pups to homes with a handful of cows, sheep, or even game birds. And it is probably easier if I just continued to send newly weaned pups off and hope for the best. The odds that the intense, high drive pup will go to the demanding situation and the laid back lower drive, sensitive pup goes to the less demanding situation are not very high. But I have decided to not do that anymore because I believe I can do better for the dogs and you, my customers. Whether you are a demanding commercial cattleman or a small farm hobbyist, you will be better served if I keep every pup from the few litters I raise. If I train, socialize, and test them so that when their personalities and working characteristics have developed further, I can match the person and working situation with the right dog for them.


I truly believe that that is what will be best for every pup I produce, and every person who I place a dog with. I want every dog I produce to be in the best home possible


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