Duke - Twin Pines Cattle Co. LLC
Duke - Twin Pines Cattle Co. LLC


Duke          DOB 12/29/2015. 

ABCA 429785

Sometimes things are what they are supposed to be. Duke has developed into precisely that.

This black-headed prick-eared dog's pedigree is filled with some of the best working border collies in the US and UK throughout history.  Sire and dam possess exceptional working abilities with complementary working styles.  He was born here on the farm and has been working since an early age, and has been working pairs since the age of two.

Duke is a big, intelligent, athletic dog who outruns, covers, and balances very naturally. Strong enough to handle any class of cattle, heads, and heels well. Bites a nose/face, heels just above the dewclaws, and bites a front foot right at the pastern.  However, Duke naturally prioritizes herding position over force.  Rarely is he in a bad spot because of how intelligently he applies and releases pressure to generate movement. Once he has things moving he has a nice pace allowing his stock to move at a reasonable pace without crowding them. Duke has handled unbroken cow-calf pairs solo and managed it quite impressively. 

Currently, he is my go-to dog for all jobs on the farm. His nature is to work independently and figure jobs out. With training, Duke has become quite proficient at driving and sorting work. He doesn't care for chaotic or loud livestock handling.

Duke has progeny on the ground and working cattle. I believe that he will be an excellent sire and should cross very well with border collies working cattle or sheep. He should cross very well on those tougher bred cattle working dogs with a lot of bite needing a strong intelligent mate with good outwork, herding ability, and power. For those sheepdogs in the US that require more power, intensity, and grit without sacrificing correctness in herding ability, Duke's genetics and depth of pedigree should suffice as well.

Introductory Stud Fee- $500 to approved bitches only


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