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Oscar - Twin Pines Cattle Co. LLC


Oscar ABCA 35597 Pedigree

Open Reserve Champion 2012 USBCHA National Finals

At eight years of age Oscar has surpassed all of his predecessors here at the farm and has excelled on the trial fields abroad as well. He has all of the tools required to make a great stockdog.   Oscar possesses an excellent combination of power, toughness, and purpose.  He performs outruns of up to 3/4 of a mile with ease, can turn large herds of cattle from a distance with his eye and power, and will crawl into a pen and dominate the toughest cattle.  Can you tell I like him?   He has even trialed a few times on sheep with decent showings, especially since he works them but rarely at home. 

Oscar will bite a head, heel, and front leg.  He is a fair sized male weighing in at just under 50 pounds.  He got his sire Limbo's eye, nice outrun, and his Dam Hannah's heel bite and pushy nature.   He got a good dose of speed, toughness,athleticism, work ethic, and feel for his stock from both parents.   He was not an easy dog to start, determinedly aggressive to control his stock.   Time and patience helping him understand how to use his eye and power reinforced with his bite has paid off in a dog who is surprisingly biddable and confident in his work.   

I did not breed Oscar until after his fourth birthday, and have retained the only two pups out of that litter with Bree.  They show promise and are wanting to work cattle at 5 months, showing a lot of things I really like.   Oscar is available to breed to select outside females of verifiable working ability.    Contact me for details.













Below is a nursery run in Rawlins, Wyoming from August of 2010.    Oscar was definitely not a polished trial dog at this point!  The power, eye, and mental toughness were all there though.

Oscar's USBCHA National Finals Nursery run from 2011.   The main mistake in this video is my own, I should have put the first calves in the pen and then gone back after the straggler, I think I could have completed the run if I had.   Live and learn.  

Oscar's USBCHA 2012 Reserve National Championship run. Probably one of the best runs of our career.


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