Greta - Twin Pines Cattle Co. LLC
Greta - Twin Pines Cattle Co. LLC


JR Greta DOB


This exemplary bitch came to us from our good friend Juan Reyes of Wheatland Wyoming. I had been impressed by the Red/Bett pups for some time and when the opportunity arose to get a pup out of Juan's Kate it was an easy decision, and one that has not disappointed. Greta has always had a serious nature and was a particularly precocious pup, working like a seasoned dog at six months of age. She is a fantastic listener who works to please.   Insert picture here


Greta heels very low and hard, and hits a front foot really well. She will bite a nose occasionally, but it is not her preference. Greta likes to balance from behind and push the pace. She outruns very well but is not a particularly fast or athletic female. She has produced some really good pups, but has been difficult to settle. 

As a trial competitor she has enjoyed her fair share of success, winning the Nebraska State Fair Open Cattle as a three year old and back to back Open Cattle titles at the 2017 and 2018 National Western. I hope to get a litter out of her in the coming year. Contact me to get placed on a waiting list. 

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