Copper - Twin Pines Cattle Co. LLC
Copper - Twin Pines Cattle Co. LLC


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Penny X Duke


Copper is a very promising young male out of Penny by Duke. He is a combination of some of his parent's best traits. He moves like Duke but inherited more intensity and aggressiveness from Penny. Copper is naturally predisposed to go to the head aggressively and will also hit a heel. Medium-sized and very athletic, he can also work with a nice pace when he settles in. Copper is progressing nicely in training and is easy to work with. He is a very willing listener. Copper will be going to work with our son Walker in his work with a large purebred cattle operation in Iowa. He will be the first border collie working in a herd of 1400 cows. We are confident he has what it takes to handle whatever comes at him. 

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