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Abby - Twin Pines Cattle Co. LLC



Abby DOB 3/22/2018 CEA Clear Pedigree


We purchased Abby as a 12 week old pup at the NCA Finals charity auction in Cheyenne, Wyoming June 2018. I hadn’t even looked at her before the sale but got in on the bidding and liked her look and bold response to the dinner/auction atmosphere. So I went with my gut and got her bought.


She has never disappointed me. Obsessed with stock from a very early age, I have to keep a close eye on her is she is loose and we aren’t working stock, because she will seek them out on her own. This smooth coated tri-color female has a big presence in contrast to her small stature. Cattle that challenge her are rewarded with a quick pop on the nose. I like athletic fast dogs and Abby fills that bill. Catlike in her moves and agility I have seen her get in some precarious situations but always manages to out quick her opponent and escape unscathed.


Abby is mastering driving quickly, and her outruns are improving consistently. She is really a pleasure to train and a quick learner. She is even learning to relax and chill a little when we are doing chores without having to find some stock to put in a corner. Kind of.

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