Lucy - Twin Pines Cattle Co. LLC
Lucy - Twin Pines Cattle Co. LLC


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Lucy is a border collie cross that came to me at two years of age with an unknown history.  I think she had been handed around a bit and my guess is that she had some negative experiences with training collars. It took her a while to get adjusted to things here but with patience has come around and turned into a very useful working dog.  She has a strong nose bite, and heels as well. She has a very upright plain presence but has power and is steady in her work. 

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She does not outrun wide, but runs straight to her stock and kicks around to balance. She can be hard to stop and willful at times. She pushes and wears consistently and has learned to give pairs a little space.   She doesn't get along particularly well with females, she is a dominant doggy bitch. In my opinion she is not a trial dog but will serve someone well in a feedlot or cow calf operation. She is reasonably priced at $2500 to a good working home.

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