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ABCA 408918 pedigree link

DOB 1/2/2014

This young female has a great deal going for her. Championship parents, solid training, and a wide range of experience have come together to create an incredibly capable promising and talented working partner.

Sired by my Oscar, out of Stash, Hazel was the pick of the litter the first breeding. She is an athletic, intelligent, forward bitch with good balance that outruns naturally and sees a large group well. She really shines in real world working situations where she is allowed to work things out. She will drive well now, but it was not her natural inclination. She has learned how to give space and hold pressure working pairs, and can push, head and heel to turn weanling and yearling cattle.

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Weighing in at approximately 35 pounds and is an athletic short coated dog who loves attention. She has been worked from atv and horseback, and performed real world gathers in large spaces of cow calf pairs, and yearlings. She is competent in working my training flock of Scottish Blackface sheep as well. Like her parents her balance inclines her to focus on the nose. She uses her athleticism and speed in combination with her teeth to create movement in cattle. She is an asset here and works well with other dogs of both genders. She has been raised with my family, as all my dogs are, and gets along well with people of all ages. She should produce well as a breeding bitch as well, with her depth and quality of pedigree and her own talent. If you have questions or would like to see her work in person before the January 19th preview, give me a call to arrange it. Call me at 712 621-1912



This video was taken in October 2016. Compared to the video below from March I am happy with how she has progressed.


This is a video from nearly a year ago of Hazel as a started dog. Her training has progressed as her work experience has broadened the scope of her work and helped her to mature into a very capable young dog.  

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