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A few years ago I stumbled upon a product that I was admittedly skeptical about to begin with.     It was a water additive that my friend claimed could enhance the heat tolerance and endurance of my dog Luke, who had suffered heat stroke the year before moving pairs to pasture.     Luke had gone into staggers and couldn't walk he was so hot.  Fortunately we were done with the job and riding home along a stream.    I jumped off of my horse and carried Luke down the bank and into the water where he was able to get cooled off enough to loosen up and make it home.   After nearly a year he was still very sensitive to any heat stress and I had to be very careful with how long he could work.   

After some joking with my friend Jason Berendes about his "snake oil" formula, I agreed to try it in Luke's water.    After 30 days I was amazed by the results.   Luke's endurance and attention span increased dramatically,     He was more enthusiastic and ran out harder with more energy from the beginning to the end of each training session.    Above all I am happy to report that he has never had another issue with overheating again.   Below is my testimonial as seen on the Aqua Oxygen website.

"The Edge fueled by Aqua Oxygen has made a big difference in my dogs energy, endurance and overall health. I work, trial, train and breed Border Collie stockdogs. I depend on my dogs to move cattle and sheep for me at home and they are an invaluable asset to the farm. I also compete in some of the largest cattledog trials in the United States. These events are high intensity and high endurance. It takes all the dogs have to perform at their best. The Edge has given more of a performance boost than I ever could have hoped for. My United States Border Collie Handler's Association Cattledog Finals qualifier, Luke, had been a solid dog but had had issues with overheating in the past. My veterinarian described him as anemic, but couldn't pinpoint the cause or offer a solution. When I tried the AquaOxygen product I was guardedly hopeful. Within a couple of weeks my skepticism was replaced by amazement. Luke's anemic appearance was gone and he had more energy and endurance than he had showed in years. He ran faster and longer, allowing extended training sessions to get us ready for the USBCHA National Cattledog Finals in Torrington, Wyoming. Luke turned in three solid trial runs in Torrington and ended up placing ninth at the finals. I do not believe that this would have been possible without the help of The Edge with Aqua Oxygen. I now have The Edge in all of my dogs, and I see benefits to every dog, including enhanced appearance, performance, and reproductive fitness. The Edge is now a staple in my kennel, and Aqua Oxygen is in my drinking water now too."

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Ten percent of all "The Edge" purchases go directly to the United States Border Collie Association.   Order "The Edge" today and enhance your dog's endurance, performance, and overall health.  

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